WordPress StoryMap

WordPress Storymap is a plugin for wordpress developed in order to easily create storymaps on a wordpress site. The plugin is distributed at no cost under GNU GPL license: WordPress StroyMap Plugin.

This is just an example about a story created with this plugin:

If you are using this plugin and you are satisfied with it, you can contribute to it’s development. Donations will be used to improve the plugin.

Creating Storymaps

Once the plugin is installed on your wordpress site, you’ll see the StoryMap tab on the left panel of your dashboard. Click on it to display the subpanels. Then click on Add New Story, and the page to create a new story will open.

Introduce the title of the Story Map, the story map number, the type of basemap and a description. Each story map number must be unique. Otherwhise you’ll receive an error message on save.

On the StroyMap tab, Click on List of Stories to visualize all your stories. You can create as many stories as you want, and all them will be listed on this screen.

Create points

Each story map is composed by a set of unlimited points of interest. You can create each point from the ‘Add new point‘ tab.

Introduce the following information to create a point of interest:

  • Name: this is the title used to identify each point.
  • Point Number: points in a StoryMap follow an order. In this box you must indicate the position of each point. If a point position is repeated in the same Story, it will not work correctly.
  • Description: introduce the text associated to a point.
  • Latitude: introduce the latitude of the point.
  • Longitude: introduce the longitude of the point.
  • You can use the interactive map to pick the latitude and longitude. Just click on the map, and Latitude/Longitude fields will be automatically filled.
  • Zoom: introduce the zoom level at wich the point will be displayed on the map. Zoom level from 0 to 22. The zoom level is linked to the interactive map, so, the same zoom you can see in the map is the one will be displayed on the story.
  • Storynumber: select the Story at which the point belongs. If a Story is deleted, it’s associated points won’t be deleted, but it will be necessary to assign them on on another story.
  • Image: select the image associated to this point.
  • Marker Color: select the color of the marker. The active marker will be shown in yellow.
  • Marker Shape: select the shape of the marker.

Visualize your story

Use the shortcode to show the storymap on a page or post. Replace “yourstorynumber” with the number of one of your stories. Example:

You’ll identify the active marker because it’s displayed in yellow. When clicking another marker, this will recover the original color.

Remember, you can’t visualize more than one story map on each page.

Contact us

If you have any doubt or suggestion, please contact us.

We appreciate your comments in order to improve the wordpress stroymap plugin.